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Perceptions and Ideas of Belonging free essay sample

Perceptions and ideas of belonging, or of not belonging, vary. These perceptions are shaped within personal, cultural, historical and social contexts. A sense of belonging can emerge from the connections made with people, places, groups, communities and the larger world. Texts may also represent choices not to belong, or barriers which prevent belonging. Perceptions and ideas of belonging, or of not belonging, vary. In the poem Feliks Skrzynecki by Peter Skrzynecki, Feliks and Peter have different perceptions of belonging in Australia and the necessity of belonging in Australia. Feliks, the father, represents an alienation of an older migrant while Peter experiences the gradual integration of acceptance and affiliation in a new society. In the film Bend It Like Beckham directed by blah blah Jess and her mother have different perceptions of where she should belong. Her mother wants her to belong to the family and into an arranged marriage â€Å"I was married at your age! You don’t even want to learn to cook dhal! †, however Jess wants to rebel against the typical Indian lifestyle and belong to her sport team instead. We will write a custom essay sample on Perceptions and Ideas of Belonging or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Perceptions of belonging are shaped within personal, cultural, historical and social contexts. In the poem, Feliks Skrzynecki the fathers sense of belonging come from his Polish background, and his personal and historical context of being a laborer. Peters contrasting sense of alienation comes from his cultural context of being surrounded by Polish culture but never having been there himself and his personal context of experience of education. In the folk museum – The persona’s sense of alienation in the museum comes from his completely different cultural, historical and social context. He struggles to relate to the rural, colonial Australian experience – â€Å"to remind me of a past which isn’t mine†. In the film Bend It Like Beckham Jess feels a sense of alienation due to her cultural context. Her friend’s mother treats her differently all the time due to being Indian and also at the game when Jess is called a â€Å"paki†, a racial slur in England. A sense of belonging can come from connections made with people, places, groups, communities and the larger world. This is shown through Peter Skrzynecki’s poem Feliks Skrzynecki where Peter’s father’s strong sense of elonging comes from his connections with his friends (people), garden (place) and his cultural heritage. Also in Skrzynecki’s poem 10 Mary Street which explores Peter’s strong connection to place and the discomfort that comes when the place is threatened – â€Å"the whole block has been gazette for industry†. In the film Be nd It Like Beckham, Jess feels a sense of belonging with her soccer team while at home she feels a sense of alienation and rejection from her family due to the time she put into playing soccer and to her falsely accused sexual orientation – â€Å"Mother, just because I wear trackies and play sport does not make me a lesbian! There may be barriers which prevent belonging such as in Skrzynecki’s poem The Folk Museum where Peter’s distance from the cultural heritage and rural experiences of the artifacts displayed in the museum is a barrier preventing him from engaging in them. In Feliks Skrzynecki, Feliks faces a language barrier which prevents him from engaging in the wider community – â€Å"Did your father ever bother to learn English? †.

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How to Find Starch, Protien and glucouse in Unkown Substance essays

How to Find Starch, Protien and glucouse in Unkown Substance essays Day 1: What organic or inorganic compounds (starch, protein, glucose, NACL) are in an unknown solution. Day 2: Which of the substances (starch or NACL) will be able to diffuse out of the plastic bag or cell if you will. Hypothesis: If the starch and NACL compounds do diffuse through the plastic bag, then we know that these substances will diffuse in an actual cell also. Dialysis tubing, thread, 100 mL beaker, 10 mL graduated cylinder, unknown mixture, food test reagents, test tubes, hot water bath. Step 1- Put on safety goggles and apron. Step 2- First, set up four test tubes on the lab surface; held in place upright. Then pour 2 mL of the unknown solution into the first test tube. Then use the bottle of Biruet reagent to drop exactly five drops directly into the first test tube. Observe the color of the mixed solution. If it turned Indigo then we can conclude that the unknown solution does in fact contain protein. Step 3- Second, pour exactly 2 mL of the unknown solution into the second test tube and then use the bottle of Iodine to drop exactly 3 mL directly into test tube two. If, after carefully observing the change in color; it turned a dark blue then we can conclude that the unknown solution does indeed contain starch. Step 4- Third, pour exactly 5 mL of the unknown solution into the third test tube. Using the Benedicts reagent drop exactly 3 mL directly into the third test tube. Then using the spatula take hold of the test tube and bring it to the heater where you will find a glass container filled with boiling water. Carefully place the test tube in the water and let it sit for exactly five minutes. Finally, Take the test tube out of the boiling water and observe the change in color of the solution. If the color turned a Burnt orange then we can conclude that the unknown solution does in fact contain glucose. ...

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Careful with Technical Terms

Careful with Technical Terms Careful with Technical Terms Careful with Technical Terms By Mary One of the most important things to keep in mind is that your writing must be appropriate for your audience. You have to use terminology that makes sense to your readers. When you become a professional in a particular field, you learn the language of that field. As a professional, people hire you to work on their behalf because you have knowledge and skills that they don’t possess. Therefore, you will often find yourself communicating in writing with people who don’t know the language of your field. Your writing has to make sense to the people who read it. If you are a medical billing professional, you know what ICD9, HCFA, and CPT mean. If you are an accountant, you know the difference between a 1099, W-2, W-4, W-9, and K-2 form. If you are an IT professional, you speak in terms of servers, routers, and hubs. If you are a web developer, your language includes terms like .net, PHP, PPC, monetizing, and URL. If you work in a hospital setting, your vocabulary includes terms like DNR, PRN, and QID. If you are a statistician, such terms as chi-square, mutually exclusive, regression analysis, and standard deviation are parts of your every day vocabulary. Chances are that several of the terms you just read don’t make any sense at all to you. When you write, you need to look closely at your messages, to make sure that you aren’t using terms that your readers aren’t likely to understand. You know what you mean. Make sure your writing stands on its own, so that your readers will also know what you mean. That’s what good writing is all about. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Business Writing category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:20 Types and Forms of HumorTop 11 Writing Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)Titled versus Entitled

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HCM307-0704A-01 The Health Care Industry - Phase 3 Discussion Board 2 Essay

HCM307-0704A-01 The Health Care Industry - Phase 3 Discussion Board 2 - Essay Example They found that the heavy costs of creating duplicate paperwork and sending it in several directions caused lost records, lost cost control and missed patient appointments. It’s a time-waster: Physicians have less and less time for patients. Is it going to take longer to work with these records than jotting down a few notes? While it still takes some learning, modern systems using PDA’s (hand-held devices), electronic pens and voice recognition (for some practices, like radiology) are well sorted-out and ready for prime time. Think about the time we’re wasting today: how long does it take to get a patient’s radiology films, his or her records from previous visits, and labs? How many times have you had to reach for the prescription pad and look up drug interactions? All of that can be handled from the PDA, including electronic transmission of the prescription to the pharmacy. It’s difficult to implement: It certainly requires changes on everyone’s part. A few years ago, implementing EMR with physicians meant installing PC’s on every desk, and requiring the physician to be tied to a chair while he/she laboriously put in all the needed patient data. Some physicians complained at having to learn new terms and change their workflow. Technology has become simpler and more intuitive to use. The ‘heavy lifting’ is done in the back, through servers and communicators. For physicians, the system is well thought-out and fits into our routine. There are so many vendors out there, how can they communicate? IT suppliers have been talking to one another through HL-7 protocols for years. The advent of new, open technologies like Java and XML have made it possible for different systems to talk to one another. Those horror stories about DICOM radiology images not blending with patient records? It’s all history now. And finally, â€Å"that sounds fine, but I’ll let my nurse do it.† The nurse and PA can certainly

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Discuss the ethical issues of using GM golden rice in the developing Essay

Discuss the ethical issues of using GM golden rice in the developing world - Essay Example Vitamin A is found in butter, milk, liver and kidney, green and yellow vegetables, but only very little in conventional rice. Today, much of Vitamin A can be supplied by the genetically modified rice that offers beta-carotene, a metabolic precursor to vitamin A. In year 2000, researchers in Zurich and in Freiburg, Germany succeeded in creating the yellow rice that has both beta carotene and iron content (GMO Compass). The GM rice research, which was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation by $100 million, took 10 years to produce the genetic strain. It will take million dollars more and another decade of development at the International Rice Research Center before it can reach the fields of farmers. (Shiva, 2000) Genetic engineering is the deliberate, controlled manipulation of the genes in an organism with the intent of making that organism better in some way (What This is a thoroughly new technology that alters the characteristics of the living organisms by inserting genetic materials manipulated through artificial means. Union of Concerned Scientists said that advocacies of genetically modified food should proceed with care, alternatives examined, and case to case evaluation of genetic engineering applications be done. GM rice has been a source of complex issues. A group of 22 international scientists and experts, in 2009, questioned this issue in an open letter to Professor Russell at Tufts University School of Medicine, who is in charge of the clinical trials of GM Golden Rice testing to adults and children (GM Watch). This group asserted that â€Å"golden rice is inadequately described in terms of biological and biochemical makeup†¦has not been shown to be stable over time†¦.has never been through regulatory approvals process anywhere In the world†. Researchers from Ban GM food worry on the safety of GM rice as it has not been tested to animals. They argued that when pharmaceutical drugs are tested for safety, it should be first tes ted to animals. When no harmful effect is seen in the animal, it is only then that it should be tested to human volunteers. GM rice defenders said that it is intended for humans, so animal test is no longer needed. Same research group argued that since GM rice is engineered to overproduce beta carotene, they are worried that some retinoid derived from beta carotene are toxic and cause birth defects, as studies would show (GM As controversies grow, research findings conclude that there are many opinions on the negative effect of GM food, but lacks data to support the claim on the potential risks to health (Arpad, et al.) Potential harm of GM foods can be acute to the young, elderly and those suffering HIV, hepatitis or other viral diseases. Those suffering from gastrointestinal tract, allergies and other disorders are further advised not to consume GM food as there is possibility of unforeseen irreversible consequences. For this reason, GM food labeling should be mandatory, research suggested. The emergence of genetically produced crops has generated various policy reactions from different countries as well. Discussion has reached international level, particularly, the World Trade Organization (Nielson & Anderson). Accordingly, both exporters and importers of GM rice will be affected by the biotech policies of the countries within which they operate. Trade relations are affected by the consumer confidence

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Styles in sculptures Essay Example for Free

Styles in sculptures Essay Romans and Greeks have created arts of antiquity. One of the major arts that they ever crafted are sculptures. They are pieces of art that hold diverse functions such as decoration of temples, celebration of the dead or well-known public figure, commemoration of victory and offer to the gods. Those sculptures carry a specific style in accordance to the period that they are made. The sculptures entitled Nike Adjusting Her Sandals and the Discus Thrower (Diskobolos), are two renowned sculptures that demonstrate richness and exceptional styles of Greek antiquity art. Nike Adjusting Her Sandals is a low relief statue carved during the 410-407 B. C by Praxiteles. It is taken from a portion and fragment of the Temple of Athena Nike Parapet (Scott). It delineates Nike, the goddess of victory, bending and stooping to fix a strap of her sandal. The artist reveals his enthusiasm in the discovery and exploration between the drapery and the female anatomy (Hope). The aforementioned stature demonstrates a relief kind of sculpture. It means that the subject has been drawn on a flat surface and further developed in order to achieve its physical form and appearance. It presents in varying degrees a two-dimensional background however, Praxiteles has managed to create a masterpiece where the figure is treated in a relief form but gives a three-dimensional effect on its spectators. Furthermore, the sculpture itself reveals the Greek Classical style of sculpture. It illustrates lively movement, freedom of expression and autonomy of mankind because it is the period when artists started to expand and go outside the formal aesthetic boundaries. They began to articulate human figures in a naturalistic manner (â€Å"Sculpture of the Greek Classical Period†). Nike Adjusting Her Sandal has clearly portrayed that form because the figure itself depicts Nike adjusting a strap of her sandal. It exemplifies freedom in expression because Praxiteles has chosen to create a subject that is exceptionally unfamiliar. He has decided to sculpt the very moment when Nike stoops down. Moreover, it gives an impression of movement within a space. On the other hand, the Discus Thrower (Diskobolos), a Roman version of the lost original Greek bronze sculpture, is created by Myron during the peak of the Classical period amidst 460-450 B. C. In the piece of art, a discus thrower is portrayed in a manner that is about to release his throw (â€Å"Discobolus†). The Discus Thrower is a round sculpture because the subject can be seen in any direction, in any angle, even from above, from below and from behind. It is also free-standing and is fully developed from all perspectives. It also characterizes a Classical style of sculpture primarily because of its subject and the manner that it is rendered. It represents a perfect athletic manifestation. Moreover, it reveals the contrapusto form of sculpture. The mentioned sculpture belongs in the Classical realm because the figure is carved in a realistic manner, portraying the action prior to the throw. Myron’s approach in his piece also illustrates freedom of articulation and boastful, vigorous and convincing movement. The thrower’s muscles and concentrated expression make a strong impression (â€Å"Marble Statue: Discus Thrower†) and lively effect on the spectator. Furthermore, the Discus Thrower is a powerful representation of the Greek sense of harmony and balance (Petronius). Myron divulges mastery of style. On the contrary, there are controversies with regards to the pose of the thrower. Consequently, it is said to delineate an unnatural pose to a human and is considered as an inefficient way to throw the discus. However, the inefficient posture is defended and considered to be because of the ancient Olympic sportsmen’s set of rotation of three quarters prior to the throw. The two sculptures namely Nike Adjusting Her Sandal and Discus Thrower are the same in style because both of them portray Classical sculpture. On the contrary, they are very much different because the two artists, Praxiteles and Myron, render their subjects differently which can be justified into several reasons. First, the types of sculpture that the two objects are presented. Nike Adjusting Her Sandal is a relief sculpture. In contrast, Discus Thrower is a round one. Second, their manifestations are not both natural, which means that the artists have not been loyal and devoted to nature. Nike Adjusting Her Sandal is rendered without a head. The only natural treatment with it is its intricate drapery. On the other hand, the Discus Thrower’s pose is considered to be unnatural. The natural element on it concentrates on the rendition of human figure—its physical features and characteristics. Nike Adjusting Her Sandal and Discus Thrower are primarily different because the former is created by a Greek and the latter is crafted by a Roman even though it is patterned from the original Greek sculpture. Moreover, the distinctions between them lie on their physical depictions even though they both demonstrate similar style. The Greek and Roman sculptures are powerful and strong illustrations of advanced artistic development of the period and of the continent. Nike Adjusting Her Sandal and Discus Thrower reveal the Classical style of sculpture and the two types of sculpture namely relief and round, during those times. Their respective artists present mastery in skills and styles. Praxiteles divulges his mastery in intricate and elaborate drapery. On the contrary, Myron expresses it on the contrapusto form of the figures. Works Cited â€Å"Discobolus. † 2009. Absolute Astronomy. 08 April 2009. http://www. absoluteastronomy. com/topics/Discobolus Hope, Kenneth. â€Å"Nike Adjusting Her Sandal, Temple of Athena Nike, Acropolis.16 May 2007. What Do I Know? 08 April 2009. http://idliketocallyourattentionto. blogspot. com/2007/05/nike-adjusting-her-sandal-temple-of. html â€Å"Marble Statue: Discus Thrower. † 2009. Alibaba. com. 08 April 2009. http://www. alibaba. com/product-gs/204358242/Marble_statue_Discus_Thrower_. html Petronius, Satyricon. n. d. Diskobolos. 08 April 2009. http://penelope. uchicago. edu/~grout/encyclopaedia_romana/miscellanea/museums/discobolus. html Scott, Zack â€Å"The Nike. † 4 December 1996. Visual Arts 11. 08 April 2009. http://orpheus. ucsd. edu/va11/nike. html.

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Henry VII & Richard III :: European Europe History

Henry VII & Richard III Richard the Third had just recently become King of England. But he did not know that soon he would not Henry Tudor was from Wales. His surname was really spelt 'Tewdwr.' It was changed to the English way though when he became King of England. Henry was too to France by his Uncle Jasper in 1471, fourteen years before the Battle of Bosworth. His uncle took him to Brittany. There, Henry learnt a lot. He learnt about warfare, treachery and betrayal. He also learned about court politics and how to keep supporters. This helped Henry very much with the Battle of Bosworth. Henry landed at Milford haven in South Wales. He had about two thousand soldiers with him. He marched all through Wales and the Midlands. When he got to the battle site he had around five thousand troops. He had gained more than three thousand on his journey. The battle was fought up on a hill at Bosworth. At the battle site there was a third army. It was small and led by Lord William Stanley. It did not know what side to join. Henry started the battle by moving up the hill and charging at Richard. Stanley decided which side to join. It would be Henry's. He hit on the rear of Richards army causing the Kings forces to run. Richard fell from his horse in the rush and was eventually killed. As the battle ended, Stanley found the Kings crown hanging on a thorn bush. Lord Stanley crowned Henry the King of England. Henry then married Edward the IV'S daughter Elizabeth. This united both of the families together. The battle of Bosworth wasn't any old battle. It was very important in history. The Lancastrian, Henry Tudor defeated the Yorkist, Richard the third at the battle of Bosworth field in 1485 and became King